Major Drawdown, Patience Opportunities, Will Fed Crash Economy?, Biggest Private Companies, 40 Yrs of Global Energy, Land Shortage, Crypto vs. Dollar

"Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource, and if we want to treat it with respect, we need to set priorities."

- Albert-László Barabási


The Major Drawdown in U.S. Equities & Fixed Income

The Ten Commandments of Investment Management

Investor Monish Pabrai defines his ten commandments of investment management.

Opportunities For Long-Term Patient Investors Who Can Withstand The Current Volatility

Jonathan Boyar was interviewed on Yahoo Finance where he discussed several opportunities for long-term patient investors able to withstand the current volatility.


  • Everything Compounds (HumbleDollar)
  • PIMCO CIO Dan Ivascyn: We’re Very Confident In The Market Environment In Terms Of Finding Value (ValueWalk)
  • Four Strategies for The Risk-Averse Investor (Validea)
  • How we seek to avoid the trap of short-term distractions in pursuit of durable, sustainable growth opportunities (Polen Capital)
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Will the Fed Overtighten and Crash the Global Economy?

Learn how the monetary policy transmission mechanism works, how it is impacting the global economy, and whether it might be starting to break things.


  • 10-year U.S. Treasury notes touched 4%, highest since 2010 (Bloomberg)
  • Bank of England will buy U.K. gov't bonds “on whatever scale is necessary” to restore order (WSJ)
  • Inflation or Recession: Central Banks in Catch-22 (The Daily Bitcoiner)
  • U.S. companies reshoring jobs from China at record levels, on pace to bring back 350k jobs (WSJ)
  • Lumber Prices Fall to Near Pre-Covid Levels (WSJ)
  • Consumer confidence rises to highest level since April (The Daily Upside)
  • World Bank cuts economic outlook for Asia over China slowdown (Al Jazeera)

The World's Largest Private Companies


  • Intel intros video game graphics chip to challenge Nvidia (WSJ)
  • Hertz teams up with BP to install thousands of EV charges in U.S. (CNBC)
  • Musk asks appeals court to end prescreened tweets SEC deal (Bloomberg)
  • Former MoviePass Execs Sued by SEC (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • How one of America’s last piano manufacturers stays alive (The Hustle)

40 Years of Global Energy Production, by Country

* Also see the Nuclear and Renewables production charts at Visual Capitalist.


  • Germany to continue operating 2 nuclear reactors to avoid energy shortage (Reuters)
  • Lithium mining breakthrough in BC (The Peak)
  • Snappy answers to energy questions (Energy Talking Points)

Comparing Crypto Moves to US Dollar


  • Why Bitcoin Lightning is So Exciting (Almanack)
  • YouTubers are pushing dodgy crypto investment advice. Here’s why you should ignore it. (Business Insider)
  • Someone Just Paid $4.5M for a CryptoPunks Ethereum NFT Despite Bear Market (Decrypt)
  • Do Kwon, behind $60 billion crypto collapse, says he's not hiding after Interpol issues arrest notice (CNBC)

Shortage of Land for Housing in U.S.

The U.S. Is Running Short of Land for Housing
Land-use restrictions and lack of infrastructure have made it harder for developers to find sites to build homes; “almost across the board, you’re fighting for land.”

China Sees Worst Property Market Downturn on Record


  • Remote Work Drove 60% of Home Price Increases (WealthManagement)
  • Pace of Rent Increases Continues to Slow (CalculatedRisk)
  • Director at Nat'l Association of Realtors explains why real estate will struggle over next 6 months (Business Insider)