Americans Regret Not Investing More, Household Spending Rises, Bill Miller on Bitcoin, Euro Energy Crisis, Housing Market Trouble

"All the math you need in the stock market you get in the fourth grade."

- Peter Lynch

  • A significant portion of stock market success is doing nothing (Onveston)
  • Nearly 50% of Americans regret not investing more in stocks in last 10 yrs (CNBC)
  • If Energy Stocks Are Undervalued, Is Now The Time To Buy? (Forbes)
  • Picking Great Stocks Like Buffett (Validea)
  • Stock Funds See Largest Exodus On Record (Heisenberg)
  • 60% of Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio is 3 companies...
  • U.S. Household Spending Rose Sightly in November (WSJ)
  • The EU Plans To Impose Direct Carbon Taxes On Individuals (ZeroHedge)
  • The Reichsbank: Germany's Central Bank Lays Foundation of Monetary Disaster (Mises)
  • SBF To Be Released on $250M Bond: Who Paid? (Blockworks)
  • Billionaire Investing Legend Bill Miller Predicts One Catalyst Will Ensure Bitcoin (BTC) Performs ‘Quite Well’ (Daily HODL)
  • Lyn Alden, investment strategist and Cory Klippsten, founder and CEO of Swan Bitcoin discuss crypto VC exploit the retail markets, the fall out from FTX, the yield inversion curve and how they believe Bitcoin will be able to get us out of the economic debt spiral.
  • Taiwan investigates TikTok for suspected illegal operations (Reuters)
  • How LVMH Does So Well (Howard Lindzon)
  • Adidas stuck with Yeezy sneakers worth over $500 mil. (BI)
  • US is expected to become a net crude oil exporter in 2023 (Reuters)
  • Europe's Energy Crisis Is Just Getting Started (ZeroHedge)
  • Oil Prices Climb Despite Fears Of An Economic Slowdown (OilPrice)
  • Record Number of Housing Units Under Construction (CalculatedRISK)
  • REITs are headed for 2nd-worst year on record (MarketWatch)
  • The housing market is in trouble (Grit Capital)
  • Homebuilder sentiment drops for the 12th straight month (CNBC)
  • US New Home Sales Rose 5.8% MoM In November, But DOWN -15.3% YoY (Confounded Interest)