Klarman's Mind, Bernanke's Theoretical Nobel, Consumers Paycheck to Paycheck Living Rises


Inside the Mind of Young Seth Klarman

Ten years into his career, we can see the young Klarman operate a nimble Baupost during the golden age of value and distressed investing — a much less competitive market with regularly occurring credit cycles. “We want to stay small because it is more fun,” he said. Then added that “the last thing I want to be is manager of a staff of a dozen analysts and portfolio managers.” (Neckar's)


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Ben Bernanke Wins a Nobel, in Theory

The former Federal Reserve Chairman’s research about financial crises didn’t help prevent one in 2008. An old joke has it that economists like to grouse that something may work in practice but does it work in theory? That comes to mind with the news that former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is sharing this year’s Nobel prize in economics for his research into financial crises. His insights worked in theory but not in practice. (WSJ)

Share of U.S. Consumers Living Paycheck to Paycheck is Rising

Persistent price hikes in just about every sector of the economy are forcing even higher-income consumers to count down the hours ’til payday. In August, some 45% of people earning more than $100,000 said they were living paycheck to paycheck, representing a rise of seven percentage points in just over a year. And 27.5% of consumers earning more than $200,000 also reported they were living from one payday to the next.



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